The history of skiing

In an article for the website, Traci Thomas looks at the origins of skiing, from the swift Norse god Ullr to its depiction in an 11th century Swedish rune stone.

Benjamin Hudson, professor of history and medieval studies at Penn State talks about the history of skiing in the article. “The organic materials used for skiing equipment tended to decay rapidly,” he said, making it difficult to nail down the exact historical timeline of skiing’s evolution. Without an abundance of organic evidence, historians must search for other clues in order to decipher where and when skiing began.

Ulf vs. Ullr

Interesting. The original article has "Ulf", but Wikipedia (yeah, I know, not authoritative) backs "Ullr" and offers fairly convincing background material. I'll make the correction.

Origins of skiing article

The Norse god of winter is Ullr, not Ulf. The word Ulf means wolf, and can also be used as a name.


That's "Ullr".