Vivant to Insulae Draconis' two newest Peers

Genevieve la flechiere reports on happenings at Drachenwald's kingdom Coronation at 12th night.

Genevieve la flechiere writes:

Greetings cousins, from Genevieve la flechiere,

Safely home once more, I can reflect on the marvellous proceedings of Drachenwald's kingdom Coronation at 12th night, AS 44.

Of especial note: in a ceremony styled after the court of Henry Tudor and his descendants, HE Mary ferch Thomas was elevated to the companionship of the Pelican, to the great joy of the populace and her home shire of Mynydd Gwyn (mka Wales and borders). Baroness Mary is best known in Drachenwald for serving as crown principality vicereine, as the region's seneschal, and most recently an extended term as kingdom exchequer. This is in addition to her accomplishments as a fine 'broiderer and needleworker.

To the surprise and delight of the populace, TRM Judith and Gerhardt took their Friday evening court to place Master Cernac the Inspired of Dun in Mara (mka Dublin) on vigil to contemplate joining the order of the Laurel.

Master Cernac is best known in Drachenwald, and beyond its borders as well, for his accomplishments in the arts of defense, and in helping to develop and teach and make accessible the martial art we now call cut-and-thrust.

In Judith and Gerhardt's final court Master Cernac, already a companion of the Pelican, was admitted to this august company of artisans. His friends and the many rapier fighters who were witness to these events will doubtless spread the word through the rapier fighting community worldwide.

We are now ruled with justice and grace by Their Majesties Thorvaldr and Fiona, who will see Insulae Draconis promoted to full status Principality in a matter of weeks.

Mistress Mary and Master Cernac will be numbered as peers who will lead this new principality and help ensure its continued growth and prosperty.

For the wisdom of the Crown, vivant vivant vivant!

For Mistress Mary and Master Cernac, vivant vivant VIVANT!

Your servant and witness,

Genevieve la flechiere