Estrella War News You Can Use 01/11/10

Dame Katharine of Cate Hall of the Estrella War XXVI Media Office, offers updates on the upcoming War.

There are 10 messages in this release so keep scrolling down to read the ones that interest you. Thanks!

  1. Last days to Pre-reg!
  2. Important things to know BEFORE you arrive at war.
  3. Combat Cookery Competition
  4. Criers needed!
  5. Special needs and Golf Carts
  6. School Tours
  7. Youth & Teen Center
  8. Field Support Services
  9. The Watch
  10. A&S Class Schedule and Class Descriptions

#1 Don't forget that Pre-registration closes on Sunday, January 17, 2010. After that you will only be able to pay at the Gate when you arrive on site on or after Tuesday, February 9th. Until ACCEPS closes you can still save $20.00 by pre-registering for the whole week at war. (Credit card needed)

#2 Remember there are special rules for Minors who attend with or without their parents. There are special rules about parking RVs and about where you can camp and other things you need to know BEFORE you arrive. Check out all the site rules at:,, and

#3 Get your information in to Lady Freydis if you are planning to take part in the Combat Cookery Competition by January 31st! E-mail her at

#4 Got a loud voice and a little time? Josef of Krakow is organizing the "Town Criers" of Estrella War. They need criers available twice per day at 9:30 am (for the 10am cry and 3:30pm (for the 4pm cry). The only requirement is that Criers be able to project their voices in an articulate manner over a large area multiple times. The cry will only go out twice a day along 4 posted routes. Each route has 4 cry spots. Criers may be as young as 10 years old (in pairs with parents permission). Parents who have youth wanting to volunteer need to meet with either Lady Helena or him BEFORE they will assign a route to a youth volunteer. They are available at Herald's Point, or e-mail him at

The cry begins in earnest on Wednesday morning. There will be a criers Party on Sat., Feb.13th, following the evening cry in heralds Point for criers who worked 4 or more cries during the war.

#5 Special Needs Transport will be operating during the day and evening to provide golf cart transport for those with special needs (requests are handled on a first-come, first-serve, as-available basis.) Please check the Gatebook you receive when you arrive at the event for the days/hours this Special Needs service is provided, and how you can request it. Also this year there will be a regular shuttle route around the site that will be available for special needs transport. Non-special needs people may ride these shuttles whenever there is room. Just remember that special needs people will be given preference. For more information contact

#6 Lady Rowena of Cornwall, the School Tours Steward is seeking volunteers on Friday, February 12th from 9am to 1pm to lead 1 hour guided tours, mostly of home school students and their parent chaperones who look forward to visiting Estrella War and learning about the Arts of the Middle Ages. You need to be able to stand/walk for at least an hour and answer questions about the SCA as you guide the tour group through the Period Encampment and Period Demo Center. Contact her at

#7 Lady Ilora von Neunhoff is coordinating the youth and teen centers at War this year. If you have questions, or if you can volunteer some time for this very worthy effort, please contact

#8 Lady Sely Bloxam is the Field Support Coordinator for War and she is always on the loockout for people to help with the water supply system for fighters and others. Help her (and them) out by contacting

#9 Volunteers for the Watch are especially needed for Thursday, Friday and Saturday night shifts, but volunteers for any shift are welcomed! Please contact The Watch volunteer sign-up sheet can be found online.

#10 From Dame Jennifer Trethwy, Collegium Coordinator: Attention all students and teachers. There is so much fun stuff going on at war that the Gatebook will not be able to contain the descriptions of the classes, though the calendar will be there. Copies of the descriptions will be available at the A&S sign up table but to get a preview of the exciting line up all are welcome to see my personal google doc page and get the most up to date information. Please note that this is not an official publication of Estrella War, but a really handy way to share this information.

Thank you!

Estrella War XXVI Media Office
Dame Katharine of Cate Hall