Duchess Mary Grace of Gatland chosen as Mrs. Louisana International 2010

Nancy-Ellen Martin, known in the Society as Duchess Mary Grace of Gatland, 2nd, 4th and 7th Queen of Gleann Abhann, has been chosen as Mrs. Louisiana International for 2010.

The Mrs. International Pageant differs from many other pageants in its focus more on intelligence and accomplishments rather than mostly physical beauty. The pageant is open to women 21 to 56 years old, married at least six months and a resident of the state or a citizen of the country they represent. An Interview Competition counts for 50% of the overall score, with Evening Gown and Fitness Wear making up the other 50%. Contestants spend a year prior to the pageant working for a community group, charity, or other cause. Husbands escort their wives on the stage and present the crown to the winning entrant.

Ms. Martin's accomplishments include a successful career with a local company that does business internationally, as well as volunteer work with the SCA and the American Heart Association for educational programs.

Her Grace is a resident of the Shire of Northover.