[ATL] Midwinter's Tale

As the cold winds blow, make your way south to slightly warmer lands and join us for a day celebrating those who inspire the ones who protect our fair Kingdom of Atlantia.

We place our call to all fighters and archers to compete on the fields and for the favor of the ladies in attendance. Each lady will be given a token which she may bestow on the fighter or archer of her choice. There will be a prize awarded to the one who collects the most tokens. So, hone your martial skills as well as the gentler art of requesting a lady's token.

Martial Activities:
Heavy and rapier fighters will test their prowess in round robin tournaments and double elimination tournaments. A Lady's gallery will be set up for all who wish to sit and watch our brave fighters take the field. The winners of both tournaments will meet each other to determine who will be named Champions of Love and Honor for each fighting style. Should one person win both tournaments in either style, this gentle will be named Champion.

Archers will test their skill in Cupid's Shoot and the Heartbreaker Shoot. Are your talents on par with that master archer Cupid? Come see by attempting to shoot hearts, but beware, the center is not always the best target. In the Heartbreaker Shoot, you will be tested to see how accurate you are by avoiding the hearts on the target. Make sure to pay honor to Lady Luck! Each archer will roll two six sided dice to see how many arrows they must shoot. The overall points winner will be named Archery Champion of Love and Honor.

Arts and Sciences:
There will be a Lady's favor competition with the winner being chosen by populace vote. There will also be an open A&S display, so bring your finished and in-progress projects. And, just for fun, there will be "The Way to a Man's Heart" pie competition, documentation not required. Following judging, pies will be available for the populace to enjoy. Unfortunately, there will not be access to an oven at the event, so pies must be prepared before arrival if baking is required. The A&S Champion of Love and Honor will be the winner of the favor competition.

Newcomers information and activities:
Lady Aldis, the shire's chatelaine, will also be hosting a newcomers’ point and a newcomers’ quest! Be the first to find all of the people listed on the quest sheet and complete the quest to receive a prize.

Breakfast Bar:
A breakfast bar will be available to all, compliments of the shire. Baroness Ginevra is organizing a delicious array of teas and coffee, pastries, and snacks to help supply everyone with the energy needed to meet the day's challenges. Feel free to bring a snack or pastry to share. Some ideas are (but are not limited to) muffins, coffee cake, and brownies.

After braving the elements on the fields, come warm up with a brimming bowl of soup or stew, bread, cheese, selected sliced meats, and cookies and milk. A vegetarian option will be available. Contact the head cook with any dietary concerns.

Site Information:
Richmond County 4-H Camp, 1820 4-H Club Road, Augusta GA 30906. GPS coordinates: N33.35881, W81.97721

Site restrictions:
This is a dry site, no firearms, no animals, and no ground fires. Smoking is in designated areas only. Attendees must park in designated areas. The pool is off limits. We do not offer child care services so please make sure your little ones are well attended.

Weekend w/ bunkhouse space and feast - $17
Weekend w/ tent camping space and feast - $15
Day trip w/ feast - $12
Daytrip - $5
Non-members surcharge - $3
Children under 5 years old are guests of the shire, and children under 12 years old are $5 off.
Make checks payable to: SCA, Inc. Shire of Bordervale Keep

About Minor Children:
Don't make us turn away your minor event attendee at the gate! Please bring a properly notarized Minor Medical Authorization if you're bringing a minor child who is not your own (i.e. - you are not the child's parent or legal guardian).

Autocrat and reservations:
Lady Tyra Jonsdottir Email: punkcupid"AT"yahoo"DOT"com

Head Cook:
Forward any dietary concerns to Baroness Astrid Thorvardsdatter at ladyastrid1"AT"netzero"DOT"net

Site directions:
Take your best route to Augusta GA via I-20. Merge onto Bobby Jones Expwy (I-520) via exit 196A. Get off at Exit 10: Doug Barnard Parkway (Rte. 56 Spur.) Turn right onto Doug Barnard Parkway. Drive past Bush Field Airport and past Tobacco Rd. Take the next right, onto 4-H Club Rd. The camp's driveway will be on the left. SIGNS WILL BE POSTED