[AET] Second Emprise of the Amethyst

Throughout history, Noble Men-at-Arms have sought to earn Reknown. Gathered together on the Twenty-third day of January, AS 44 in the Shire of Stormsport comes just such an opportunity.

Over the past year, Men and women have demonstrated their skill and courage, and earned invitations to the Second Emprise of the Amethyst. These noble fighters will contest together to determine before Crown and Kingdom, who will stand as the Victor and the Guardian of the Amethyst.

To all those fighters who wish to challenge their right, there is yet one final opportunity. Upon the day itself will be a Speed tourney to determine the last entrant into this illustrious field.

All good gentles, be they fighters or friends alike are invited to come witness this Emprise, and partake of the all-day sideboard put on by Lady Nivah. Entrance toll is a mere $5 for all adult members of the Society. Any visitors aged younger than 18 will be the guests of the Crown and be admitted free, as it is meet and right that our youth see Chivalrous behavior and the earning of Honor first-hand. Further details, directions and contact information can be found at the website.