[ATE] Lady Muirenn's Memorial Gauntlet Archery Shoot

As War Practice Looms Near, let it be known to the Kingdom of Atenveldt that the privilege of carrying the Memorial Gauntlet for the year is once again at hand. As per Kingdom Rules, this tournament is held during War Practice and thus hereby the time and place as 9:30 a.m. (set up will start at 9am.)

Time and Place:
On Sunday, January 3rd at El Oso Park. starting at 9:30am

a. A gauntlet was thrown by Muirenn ingen Thigernain of Twin Moons for a competition between the local archers within the Kingdom of Atenveldt.
b. The tournament is held on the same day as Kingdom War Practice which is held the first Sunday of January.
c. All targets must have something to do with a gauntlet or hand.
d. After the shooting is completed, all competitors will enter their score in a drawing or their territory.
e. Skill alone is not enough to win the coveted Gauntlet trophy, you must also have luck.
f. One name will be drawn from each territory and the high score among those names will be announced as the annual winner.
g. The winner will have possession of a rotating trophy and will sponsor the next year's Gauntlet Shoot.
h. The winner will add something to the trophy or donate another item of regalia for use of the winner for the following year.

Lady Muirenn ingen Thigernain (Wendy Rae Kiernain) passed from this life on February 15, 2006 after a long illness. For those who did not know her, Lady Muirenn was a vibrant member of the populace of Twin Moons, serving there as an officer, archer, and talented artisan. She was also apprenticed to Baroness Francesca Valentina d'Ivrea, and a member of TRM Aaron and Alisandra's Royal Court (although she insisted on resigning that position when she realized her health would no longer allow her to complete her duties).

Directions to El Oso Park:
from the intersection of 67th Ave & Osborn, go West to 73rd Ave. Street dead-ends at edge of park; turn North. Or: from 75th and Weldon, go East to 73rd Ave and turn South. Parking is all along the east fence of the park. Archery Field is at the northeast end of park. Bring chairs if you'd like.

This will be a garbed event. The winner will be anounced during Kingdom court at the main war practice site near by.