[OUT] Winter Wolf

The College of Blaiddwyn invites you to come out and make merry in the crisp winter mountain air in al-barran. Test your strength among the competitors for the title of Defender of The Pack and Champion of Blaiddwyn.

Winter Wolf
January 30, 2010
Site opens at 9:00 AM
Site Closes at 7:00 PM

Site Fee: $5.00
Lunch: Suggested $2.00 donation to the poor fighter’s fund

University of New Mexico Campus Duck Pond
Albuquerque, NM

Autocrat: Anzelm Kowalski lzalewsk85@gmail.com

If your skills are not of the martial variety, vie for the honor of Blaiddwyn Enlightener (A&S Champion), Blaiddwyn Provider (the cooking champion) or if your talents are more of performance based, compete for the title of Munin Bard of Blaiddwyn (Bardic Champion).

If you are not the competitive sort then learn from al-Barran and Blaiddwyn artisans in one of the many classes that are going to be offered. Please, come enjoy the merriment and frivolity of a winter’s day.

Directions: Take the best route to I-25 and exit at the Martin Luther King Jr. exit, turn east and follow past University Boulevard, enter campus and park anywhere that is not reserved with a sign that warns of major fines directly in front of said parking spot. The site is dry so please no alcohol.