[ATE] Kingdom War Practice

The great Estrella War will soon be upon us. Once again the Kingdom of Atenveldt will be under attack. Once more unto the breach will the brave fighters of the Kingdom of Atenveldt throw themselves in defense of land and Kingdom.

Our Kingdom has put out its call for all fighters to journey and fight together to preserve all that we love and honor. Our King, has put out His call for something moreā€¦ He is looking for Heros. Who amongst you has the determination, strength, honor, and courage to answer that call? Who amongst our Kingdom is ready to assume the mantle of Hero?

The Barony of SunDragon is proud to host the first of the Kingdom War Practices. Come and answer the call of your Kingdom! Come and answer the call of your King! Prepare yourself, steel and your courage. The King and the Kingdom of Atenveldt will be looking for those ready to stand tall as our Heroes.

Site: Barony of SunDragon fighter field at Cheyenne Elementary School . The site will open at 9 a.m. and close at 6 p.m. This is a dry site. This site is also at a school so smoking will not be allowed on school property.

Directions: From Cactus Road turn South on 87th Avenue . Cheyenne Elementary School is on your right. We will be on the North West corner of the school. Parking will be available on the school parking lot.

SunDragon Autocrats: Lord Dietrich Nibelung,
E-mail: DNibelung&yahoo.com