Gulf Wars XIX Volunteers Wanted

Several event staff departments are seeking volunteers for Gulf Wars, March 15-20, 2010.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • We are looking for European Dance class teachers. Beginner to expert dance teaching as well as classes in theory and reconstruction are welcome. Contact Eridani, eridani1138 (at)

  • Mounted Watch has a much larger area to patrol and more responsibilities, and we need folks to help with sanitary duties. Volunteers that collect manure will get double volunteer points, as this is considered part of Sanitation duties. Equestrian will provide muck rakes and muck buckets. Mounted Watch will be active mostly in the evening and early morning,during the day at 5 points and the parking lots. Contact Baroness Chiere wreic Maredudd, cheri (at)

  • Scribes of the Known World: Come lend you talents at Gulf Wars Scribes' Point! Help your kingdom (and others) with your skills at calligraphy and illumination. Teachers are needed to share their skills and expand our knowledge! I also need a volunteer or two to act as a monitor when I am away from the Point. Contact me THL Moreg Cochrane at luckyvixen (at)

  • Applications are being accepted for instructors for Gulf Wars Al Mahala classes.
  • Strict classroom style format is not required. Show-n-tell, roundtable discussions, and other enjoyable ways of delivering interesting information to the populace are allowed. Last year featured over 30 different instructors offering a great variety of activities.

    Al Mahala has three classroom tents. One of these is specially prepared and primarily devoted to dance, while our other two classroom tents and our outdoor activity area are available for classes on research, cooking, clothing, language, construction, music and other topics relevant to the Al Mahala regions.

    Regions on-topic within Al Mahala include, but are not limited to: Muslim Spain, Portugal, India, the Levant, Silk Road, East Asia, Ottoman, Berber,Moorish, and Persian.

    Contact either Zhara: zhara8 (at) with class and scheduling questions or Mistress Edwina: sue (at) for camping and construction queries.

Submitted by Mistress Rosalind bint Mihrimah Bey, Media Coordinator, Gulf Wars XIX.