Estrella War News You Can Use - December 28, 2009

Estrella War XXVI Media Officer, Dame Katharine of Cate Hall, provides the latest news from the Estrella War staff.
  1. The Fifth Annual Inter-Kingdom Combat Cookery Competition
  2. Using FRS radios at war
  3. Live Steel rules
  4. Dec. 31 is last date for postmark for mail in pre-registration!

  1. It's WAR! An army travels on its stomach, and the Kingdom or Challenger with the best cooks wins! The Estrella War Period Demo Center invites the Principal Kingdoms and Challengers to join us in the Period Demo Center on Thursday (February 11th) of Estrella War XXVI to participate in the Fifth Annual Estrella Combat Cookery Competition. Each participating principal Kingdom or Challenger needs to field a seven-member cooking Team and provide one judge.

    All Challengers must submit their intent to participate in the competition no later than January 31st. Challenger slots will be filled by earliest postmarked submission. Email intent to field a Team to the Combat Cookery Coordinator, Lady Freydis at by Januray 31. Official rules for the competition are located on the Period Demo Center Web Page of the Estrella War web site.

    A Tent will be provided to each Team within the Period Demo Center for kitchen and serving space. Teams shall gather on Thursday (February 11) -- their kitchens ready, their pots and pans gleaming, their knives sharp, their aprons clean, and their larders empty of all but water and ice. Each Team may setup their kitchen on Wednesday evening (February 10th). The bread/bake ovens in the Period Demo Center will be available for use during the competition. The Teams will prepare a meal of at least four dishes to feed ten to twelve people from ingredients that will be supplied to them.

    Results of the Competition will be announced at 7:00 PM on Thursday, 02-10-10 during a gathering of the Teams and people in the Period Demo Center. Bragging rights will be allocated, prizes will be given, and cooks will be decorated. All members of the Teams are encouraged to attend, as the Royalty and People will be invited to sample the results.

  2. Although FRS radios are popular for those who wish to keep in touch during the event, you MUST NOT use any channels reserved for the war staff and emergency personnel. Attendees may use only channels 13, 14 or 15 and limit conversations on the family channels so others can share the channel as well. Attendees who ignore war staff requests to clear a radio channel may be removed from the site without refund. You can request services (be sure and give your name and location) on the following channels. Do not use them for any other reason. Channel 7 The Watch; Channel 8 Special Needs/Shuttles; Channel 9 First Aid; Channels 13, 14, 15 Family channels only!
  3. Bladed weapons are allowed at Estrella War, but must be sheathed at all times. Fighting (even play fighting) with live steel will subject you to immediate removal from site without refund. The ONLY exception to this rule is for SCA officially sanctioned activities such as experimental weapons programs.
  4. The last postmark day for mailed pre-registration is December 30, 2009. (Only money orders and travelers checks are accepted) You can still pre-register using ACCEPS until January 17, 2010 and use your credit card to pay. If you pre-register, you may arrive on Monday, Feb. 8, 2010. If you pre-register for arrival from Monday through Thursday at midnight, you can save $20.00 per adult member!!!! For all the information about Pre-registration, visit

Thank you!

Estrella War XXVI Media Office
Dame Katharine of Cate Hall