Estrella War News You Can Use - December 21, 2009

As we prepare for Estrella War XXVI, there is lots of news we’d like you to know about, so we are bundling many messages in each Estrella War News You Can Use release.

There are 4 messages in this release so keep scrolling down to read the ones that interest you. Thanks!

  1. Still time to Pre-register
  2. Fire Safety at Estrella War
  3. Dry RV parking at war
  4. Horses are available for rent

  1. You still have time to pre-register for Estrella War! The last postmark day for mailed pre-registration is December 30, 2009. (Only money orders and travelers checks are accepted) You can still pre-register using ACCEPS until January 17, 2010 and use your credit card to pay. If you pre-register, you may arrive on Monday, Feb. 8, 2010. If you pre-register for arrival from Monday through Thursday at midnight, you can save $20.00 per adult member!!!! For all the information about Pre-registration, visit
  2. Fire safety is vital with so many camp fires, so the Fire-Marshall requires that your camp have a 2 lb- ABC rated (or greater) fire extinguisher outside each tent in an easy to reach spot. We also encourage having one located by each kitchen area and fire pit. Fires in camps must be attended and "off-the-ground" a minimum of one foot ( with all embers contained ) to ensure they are safe and of reasonable size. Fire pits must have a total fuel area of 3 feet or less in diameter, and 2 feet or less in height ( Pinal County Clean Air Regulation). Bonfires are not permitted. Large unattended campfires may be cause for expulsion from the event without refund. Please keep flammable liquids (including all alcohol) away from fires and other open flames. Ash cans are provided at privy stations (ashes must be cold to the touch to be placed in an ash can). Receptacles for ashes are clearly labeled. Please be sure they are only used for disposal of ashes! Also, No open-flames are allowed from torches or lanterns and "fire arts" performances are prohibited. All torches and lanterns must have a grill or mesh flue or be enclosed in some manner to reduce the chances of sparks and embers.
  3. A limited number of free “dry” RV parking spaces are available for RVs and camp trailers. Spaces are assigned on a first-come basis until gone.Thereafter, RVs and camp trailers will be placed at the discretion of the parking coordinator (this must be arranged at the Front Gate when you arrive). To reserve a space in the Dry RV Parking lot, enter the text “RV” in the space on the pre-registration form used to identify the Kingdom where you will camp. Trucks used to pull your camp trailer or RV may not be parked in the Dry RV Parking lot—these must be parked in General Parking.

    There are no hook-ups of any type in the Dry RV Parking lot and no dumping station available on site . Attendees are responsible for their own water supply, power supply, and waste removal. There will be RV pumping services offered on site by an outside contractor.Please contact the Parking Steward to get contact information for this contractor, scheduling and pricing information.

    If you will be bringing an oversized RV or camp trailer on site, please email the Parking Steward and provide the length of your RV and expected arrival date. The larger RV spaces are free, but it requires some planning to ensure there is room to maneuver a larger vehicle.

    One section of the Dry RV Parking lot will be designated a quiet area where generators may not be used from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am, and unshielded generators may not be run at all. If you have an unshielded generator, or need to run your generator overnight, please see the Parking representative at the Front Gate to be sure you do not park in the quiet area

  4. The Equestrian Autocrats have found a wrangler willing to provide rental horses to those attending Estrella War. The rental terms require a minimum of three horses be rented at $100 per horse per day. If fewer than three horses have been rented by February 2, the wrangler will not provide any horses. To help the Equestrian steward in planning, please fill out the "Intent to Rent Horses" at:

    In addition to filling out the form online, you must contact the wrangler directly to rent a horse. The SCA does not to rent horses! Contact info is listed with the Intent to Rent form . While these rental horses are new to the SCA equestrian activities, they have extensive rodeo, mounted single-action-shooting, and other reenactment experience and are suited SCA horsemanship.

Thank you!

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