[GLE] Newbie Collegium

Shire Lagerdamm's Newbie Collegium "Renaissance Spectacular: Life in the Tudor Court") is on the horizon and so far it looks as though there will be a pretty full Saturday with something for everyone to enjoy. Bring your friends (especially your non-SCA friends!) and spend a day of revelry with us in all the style and glamour of the Tudor court.

An attempt at 16th century garb will be appreciated, but of course, not required. Have you been itching to bring a member of your family or even a co-worker to a SCA event just so they can finally see what it is you do with your weekends? Newbie is the perfect time! Any newbie (this being their first event) will be admitted for free and in our current economy, that's a price that cannot be beat. (And we'll have plenty of loaner garb available for any newbie you bring with you).

Newbie Collegium is going to be Saturday, January 16th 2010 at the Peace Lutheran Church in Conway. Site opens at 8 am and closes at 10 pm. For those who like to use their GPS device, the address is 800 S. Donaghey Ave. Conway, AR 72034. For everyone else, directions are as follows.

Take your best route to I-40 exit 129. Turn east on Dave Ward Drive. Continue until you reach the intersection of Dave Ward and Donaghey Ave. The Church will be on the corner on the left, before the light.

But now, I'm sure you're wondering about what else will be offered at Newbie?


  • SCA 101
  • Heraldy 101
  • Bardic 101
  • Viking Wire Weaving
  • Gutenberg Bible Illuminations
  • Basic Celtic Knotwork
  • SCA Archery for Beginners
  • How to Fight Like a Girl
  • Overview of Tudor Clothing
  • Intelligent Camping
  • Weaving Without a Loom
  • Court Dancing

Heavy Fighting:

  • An "open weapons double elimination" tourney
  • Lagerdamm Protectorate Tourney
  • Nevermore Tourney (open only to those who have not won a tourney previously)

Light Fighting:

  • Lagerdamm Defender Tourney
  • And more Tudor-themed dueling to be announced!

Something super exciting that is so exciting I'm not quite aware of it yet! But fear not, archers, there will be archery and it'll be fun, as archery always is. Loaner bows will be available.

And I haven't even mentioned the food yet! Lunch will be provided with the site fee while feast is just $3 extra.

But wait, there's more! The return of our Newbie Ball AND the game room, not to mention a mock court to give the newbies a taste of the "full" SCA experience, and the first ever Lagerdamm Jester Competition. And I haven't even told you the best part yet! Their Highnesses, HRH Jon and HRH Beatrix, will be gracing us with their presence! As will Their Excellencies of Small Gray Bear, Baron CuCullin and Baroness Eithne. So whether you come for the classes, the food, the fighting, the archery, the dancing, the shopping, or the socializing, we hope you'll be there. Prices are as follows.

Adult -- $5
Children (12 and under) -- $2.50
Newbies (first event) -- FREE

Add $3 if you wish to sit feast. Add $3 if you are a non-member (unless you're a newbie, and then you get in free!).

If you have questions about the event, the classes, or anything of that nature, please contact the Autocrat by email at: at.nymphalidae at gmail dot com

If you have allergy concerns, please contact the Feastocrat by email at: prsunn at gmail dot com

If you'd like to pre-register, please contact the Reservationist by email at: black_karen99 at yahoo dot com

If you'd like to merchant, please contact the Merchant-o-crat by email at: aine.gobhann at gmail dot com

Thank you and have a great week!

In servizio,
Vittoria Alberti