[LOC] 100 Hour War - CANCELLED

Crossroads presents the 100 Hour War, from 2 - 5 April 2010 (Yes, Easter) on the Crossroads property, Sheldricks Lane, Yass.

The 100 Hour War is a non-SCA semi-catered medieval camping event, open to both SCA and metal weapons groups to come together and share with each other. There will be wars - both rattan and metal weapons (assuming there are enough combatants), Arts and Sciences classes, archery, fencing - everything you'd want during an easter medieval event, plus the evening meal thrown in (soup kitchen three nights and medieval feast one night, all catered by Tosti, late of Politarchopolis, now in Torlyon).

4:00 pm 1st April 2010 to 4:00pm 5 April 2010
Crossroads Co-op, Sheldricks Lane, Yass