Swords stolen in Atenveldt

Konot reports that several swords and schlagers were stolen December 11, 2009 in Glendale, Arizona in the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

Konor writes:

Last night Lars Osito Fenryr had his live steel swords stolen along with 3 rapiers and 1 gauche in the neighborhood of 58th ave and northern. I know that a lot of you know what his swords look like, and that most steel swords are hard to describe unless it is a custom piece. But, his rapiers are described as follows: Two schlager blades with rose petal hilts, the gauche had a shiny bell hilt on it, and the last was a diamond blade with an over sized saber hilt. I will upload a picture of the saber hilt as soon as I can. I know one of the steel swords is a short sword with dark colored leather for the handle. The other steel swords have basket hilts on them.

I am asking any and all to keep an eye on craigslist as well as when you go out to practice for these weapons and please let me know asap. You can email me here. call or text me at 480-516-2496. I appreciate everyones help in this matter.