Boar's Head 2009 photos online

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva, Northshield Kingdom Chronicler, and Elspeth O'Leary share photos and video from the recent Boar's Head 2009 event.

Shava writes:

Since I was not at Boar's Head for the whole day (I so wanted to have a clone that day so I could have stayed at the event and attended Sarra & Chandler's wedding) so the pictures are only from 9am to 2pm. I also took a couple of videos and really couldn't do both video and still pictures at the same time. It was definitely and eventful event and I'm sure there will be stories of the day for a long time to come.

My limited view of the day can be found on Flickr (since the Gallery is not yet fixed).

There is also a video of Don Kou no Toshikage's vigiling for the Order of the Laurel.

In addition, there is a pair of bonus videos taken at the bardic circle that sprang up after the wedding that are a lot of fun. Heregyth Ketilsdottir was back in the area (originally from Jararvellir, ex-pat up in Calgary for a while, and now resident of the Midrealm) and I requested that she do two of my favourite pieces for the camera. Her filk of Hector of the Black Height's "Rise" and her "Northshield Summer Song."

Usual post-script: As always, for my pictures, feel free to leave comments and help me label the pictures, use any picture for SCA purposes, ask me to delete something if you don't like it via private message, or share with your friends and family.Also, please pass on the link to other lists if you wish.

-- I remain, in service to the Northshield, our Society, and most of all, to the populace~~

Elashava bas Riva, CL, CP,
Northshield Kingdom Chronicler
13th Viscountess of Northshield, Baroness of the Court of Edmund III and Katryn III

In addition, Elspeth O'Leary share her large album of photos from the same event. They are also available on FLickr.