[ART] Carnevale di Venezia

In Arn Hold, we hold a masked ball sometime after Christmas and before Shrove Tuesday. Since this habit is the same as that in Venice, we have adopted that as this year's theme: Carnival in Venice or in the Venetian dialect, Carnevale di Venezia!.

Carnevale di Venezia! a masked ball
Barony of Arn Hold (Boise, ID)
January 30, 2010

Like Carnevale, we will have music, dancing and performers! On the Piazza, live music by Tempus Perfectum will be for your dancing pleasure.

Also will have three sets of dance to include old favorites and recent introductions of Italian dance. If you have not been to dance practice regularly, the dances will be run through with instruction before the ball from 2-6 pm.

Since this is a Masked Ball in Venice during Carnevale, masks are required on the Piazza. If you do not have one, masks will be available ($2 - proceeds going to the Dance Guild)

Between dancing sets, the annual Lord and Lady of Color contest will be a "liston maschere" or parade of masks to pick the best dressed of Arn Hold.

And what would Carnevale be with out singers and storytellers. Enjoy the performances of Arn Hold's finest as they ply their bardic abilities to earn the champion's cloak in the Bard of Arn Hold competition.

Of course no festival is complete with out food and drink. In the fine Italian tradition, selected morsels will be provided by the Cooks Guild from the Epulario - an Italian feast manual.

To get you in the spirt of competition for Estrella, there will be a populace vote competition for the best place setting. Is your feast gear period?? Tell us about it. Did you find some period looking plates on sale at a department store? Show them off! Inspire others to round out their kit by showing them what is possible.

Site fee: $5.00 Children 0-5: free Family Cap: $20
Make checks payable to "Barony of Arn Hold SCA Inc"
Site is dry, no pets allowed

Site opens at noon for set-up, Dance practice begins at 2pm. Registration opens at 6pm. Clean-up starts ~ 10pm

Odd Fellows Lodge (2nd Floor)
600 N Curtis Rd.
Boise ID

Take your best route to Boise on I-84 Take the I-184 exit (exit 50A) into downtown Take Exit 2 (N Curtis Rd) Turn Right (South) You will pass St Alphonsus hospital on your right Cross Emerald St (four way traffic light) The Odd Fellows Lodge is in the first office building on your left after crossing Emerald. There is elevator access to the 2nd floor.

SCA signs will be posted from I-184

Autocrat: Signoria Xeno della Lama old.xeno@gmail.com Feast Steward: HL Elighe MacDonnal nparker4@mindspring.com MOAS: Countess Esebell Grant sxcscates@hotmail.com

Crash space? contact the autocrat! Hope to see you in disguise at the Ball!