NPR's Ira Glass Admits Radio is Less Popular Than Jousting

Onion A.V. Club: In an interview for the Onion A.V. Club, popular public radio personality Ira Glass admitted that jousting just might be more popular than public radio. Ira Glass, host of "This American Life," was amazed that Chicago's theme restaurant, Medieval Times, drew more than 300,000 people annually, as much or more than his public radio station.

Ira wrote:

"One year, we did this thing where we'd just done a story on Medieval Times, the medieval jousting place they have around the country. We found that something like 300,000 to 350,000 people went to the Chicago Medieval Times over the course of a year. I went on the air and said, "Well, that actually turns out to be the annual audience of this radio station where I work." Medieval Times actually turned out to have a much bigger budget and a much bigger staff. I said that as someone who works in public radio, I work in a medium that is less popular than jousting, a sport that has been dead for 600 years. Then we turned to the people at Medieval Times and asked them to give us some tips, and they said we should get horses, because people love horses. So we staged a jousting match on horseback between the newscaster of All Things Considered and the newscaster of Morning Edition."

Maybe he should have visited his local SCA group for tips!

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