THACO (The Armored Combat Outing) Hosted by the Barony of Nordskogen Saturday April 24, 2010

Oscar Johnson Ice Arena
1039 De Courcy Circle
St. Paul, MN 55108

Come, hone your armored combat skills, then go out and have fun with your fellow combatants. There are no classes, there is no feast, nothing but a full day of armored combat activities. In simple terms, "Fight, fight, fight, lunch, fight, fight, fight, go home."

Site is open to participants 8:30am - 6pm. No showers available on site.

*Site fee $10*
Checks payable to: SCA-The Barony of Nordskogen

*Lunch fee $5*
There will be a limit of 40 lunches. There are many fast food and restaurant options nearby.

9am-11am Authorizations and Inspections, List open for pick-ups

Warlord Tourney will begin promptly at *11am*. Combatants who intend to participate should be armored and inspected by that time. Start w/ 3-4 person teams depending on number of combatants, 1 member of chivalry or royal peer per team

Google maps works beautifully for this site. Use their directions or the Ramsey County Parks website. http://www.co.ramsey.mn.us/parks/Ice/arenadirections.htm