[LOC] Surveying Expedition 2010

Last year we celebrated the long weekend in January by roasting a sheep, learning how to prepare chickens for the pot, camping, fighting, feasting in the open, enjoying meals cooked over an open fire, shooting with our bows and taking the children on pony rides!

This year we intend to do it all again! Only this time we will be preparing rabbits for the pot, having a range of organised children’s activities, Arts and Sciences collegia and market day. We will also be watching an equestrian display as well as having the opportunity to explore the role that horses can play in the SCA.

The War scenarios and Market will be run on the Saturday, Equestrian to run on the Sunday, Archery, Rapier, Arts and Sciences and Children’s activities to run throughout the weekend.

Group: Stormhold
Event Date: 22-25th January 2010
Site open: Friday after 3pm to Monday after breakfast. (To allow for the public holiday, tents may be removed on Tuesday 26th)
Site Address: 117 Tricks Lane Napoleons, Victoria (15 mins SE of Ballarat)

Bookings: Miriam Galbraith/Laura Iseman: laurai@tpg.com.au
Arts and Sciences: Alliette/ Irina Lubomirska: ilubomirska@gmail.com
Market: Martin le Merchant /Bernard Lyons,:info@assassinus.com
Steward: Ava del Mas / Meagan Luc: ava@bordernet.com.au

All weekend (Booked by 30/9/09) – $75 (by 10/01/10) – $80 (by 19/01/10) – $85
Day – Lunch only (by 30/9/09) – $25 (by 10/01/10) – $30 (by 19/01/10) – $35
Overnight/Full Day (by 30/9/09) – $35 (by 10/01/10) – $40 (by 19/01/10) – $45

*Non-SCA members pay an extra $5.
*Under 16yo kids half price, under 5 free
*Overnight includes up to three meals.