Tiny Siege Engines Wanted

The Atlantia Siege Guild is looking for a few good, SMALL, siege engines for a Tabletop Siege Challenge to be held February 28, 2004 at the Ponte Alto Investiture. His Excellency, Baron Jonathas writes:

Atlantian Siege Guild
Tabletop Siege Challenge

In honor of the Siege Guild's Sergeant Major and Guild Mistress being invested as the next Baron and Baroness of Ponte Alto, the Siege Guild is sponsoring a Tabletop Siege Engine Challenge. This contest is designed to challenge and amuse all who are interested in siege craft. This contest will be held at the Ponte Alto Investiture on February 28, 2004. The challenge and displays will be indoors, but the challenge may be moved outdoors if space is at a premium.

As the Guild's primary goals are the support of the Atlantian Army on the battlefield, and to promote general education about siege craft. Tabletop engines are requested (but not required) to be designed and built as if they were a full size field ready engine, and must be of a period design. This will allow the models to be used as design ideas for those interested to build combat ready engines.

The Rules for this Challenge are as follows:

  1. All engines must be of a period design. Documentation is not required to enter.
  2. All ammunition will be the standard sized "Jet-Puff" marshmallows (approx