Mounted Watch at Gulf Wars

Baroness Chiere wreic Maredud, of the Gulf Wars XIX Equestrian team, reports on the expansion of the Mounted Watch at the upcoming War.

Greetings Equestrians!

We have been given the go ahead to expand Mounted Watch for Gulf Wars XIX! We can now go where ever the Watch needs us, (but as always, not into camps or down Merchant’s Row.)

Sir Stuart, the Watch Commander for Gulf Wars, has asked us for a lot of help. He needs two rider teams every night of the week, for 4 hour shifts. The night shift is 10 pm until 2 am and the morning shift is 2 am until 6 am. In addition, he needs help with traffic directing and control, and on-call riders to escort rigs to the barn. Please be thinking about when you would like to patrol as we will be assigning spots soon.

Horses will not need diapers; Sanitation is giving double points to pooper scoopers. As in years past, horses will need to pass a special authorization. This will consist of walking across a tarp, standing still when porta potty doors burst open, enthusiastic crowds petting the pretty pony, banners flapping in their faces, a bag of cans rattled up their sides, radios and phones ringing and speaking over them, and balls being tossed near them. So you have 2 months to desensitize your horses.

Please feel free to cross post to your Kingdom lists.

Thank you,
The Gulf Wars XIX Equestrian team and
Baroness Chiere wreic Maredudd