No authorizations for general riding or mounted games at Gulf Wars

Baroness Chiere wreic Maredudd and the Gulf Wars Equestrian Team reports on authorization rules for the upcoming War.

Baroness Chiere writes:

To ride at War; drills, trail rides, Mounted Watch and such; you must already be authorized for General Riding by your home kingdom. To ride the games; hastiludes, quests, emprises and such; you must be authorized for Mounted Games by your home kingdom. Beyond this, we will be using Gleann Abhann’s equestrian rules, which are also the Society equestrian rules. This means authorization levels accepted will be General Riding and Mounted Games. Special Authorizations accepted will be Jousting, Mounted Combat, Mounted Archery and Driving.

However, there will be upgrades to the Special Authorizations by appointment and with your kingdom’s KEO’s permission. To upgrade to a Special Authorization you must already be authorized for Mounted Gaming. I know this sounds strict, but with the new rules, and the new responsibilities placed on the individual and the marshals, your kingdom needs to vouch for you.

So, make your practices, meet your marshals, support your KEO, have fun, and go out and RIDE!


The Gulf Wars Team and
Baroness Chiere wreic Maredudd
Gulf Wars XIX EqMIC