Estrella War News You Can Use - December 14, 2009

As we prepare for Estrella War XXVI, there is lots of news we’d like you to know about, but we don’t want to clog up your e-mail or overburden the lists, so we are bundling many messages in each Estrella War News You Can Use release.

There are 5 messages in this release so keep scrolling down to read the ones that interest you. Thanks!

  1. Important deadlines for Estrella War Pre-registration.
  2. Almost Certainly Annual Estrella War Banana Bread Bakeoff
  3. Parking steward seeks volunteers
  4. Volunteer Treasure Challenge announced.
  5. Estrella War A&S Competition entries needed

#1 December 30, 2009 is last postmark day for pre-registering by mail. You can still register on-line (through ACCEPS) until January 17, 2010. January 2nd is the last day to get your camping space allocated automatically with your pre-registration. Remember, you save $20.00 per person by pre-registering if you are attending for the whole week. If you don't pre-register, remember to bring cash or travelers checks to pay your registration fee. No personal checks or credit cards will be accepted at Troll! See the Estrella War website for details.

#2 The CPQBB (Committee for the Preservation of Quality Banana Bread) will again host the Estrella War Banana Bread Bakeoff on Thursday evening of Estrella War. Anyone interested in competing in this time honored bakeoff may deliver their entry to Lady Frydis or Baroness Ann at the Period Demo Center before 7 pm on Thursday, Feb 11th. Each entry must be submitted with a card bearing the entrant's name and any noteworthy information about the entry (cards will be available at the center). If you have questions, please contact

Location: Period Demo Center. Time: Thursday, 7:00 PM in conjunction with the viewing/tasting of combat cookery team's dishes and awards. Various prizes will be given.

All entries must be made by the entrant, but do not need to be made on site. Both breads with and without nuts are acceptable. Breads will be judged and prizes awarded for Traditional Banana Bread and Creative Banana Bread. Entries will be judged without the judges knowing who produced the entry. Judges will provide their own butter or spread of choice

The winners will be chosen by a panel of well-qualified judges who have all passed the CPQBB exhaustive pre-judging questionnaire and qualification review. Contrary to popular belief the CPQBB is not just a front of Duke Jonathon's to aid him in acquiring Banana Bread… there are other people involved as well.. Duke Jonathon and the CPQBB will not be responsible for returning the remains of entries to the entrants, as it is expected that any crumbs left by the judges will be pilfered by wannabe judges and moochers who, unlike His Grace, did not come up with this brilliant idea to award prizes in order to get his fill of banana bread.

#3 Parking volunteers WANTED and APPRECIATED. We have cookies! Do you like to work inside on those cold nights or rainy days? Are you good at telling people what to do and where to go? Consider Volunteering for Indoor Parking. Many time slot and positions available for the duration of the Estrella War. If you would like to volunteer for indoor Parking contact Elzibet at Please note, that just a couple hours you can volunteer makes a big difference in someone else's Estrella War event.

If you enjoy greeting people as they arrive, and being outside in our beautiful Arizona sunshine, and helping people find places to park, please volunteer for Outside Parking. People are needed for each day of war. Please contact

#4 Estrella War XXVI Volunteer Treasure Challenge
Haven’t quite decided to volunteer this year at war, huh? Well, perhaps you just need a little incentive… The Volunteer Department of Estrella War XXVI would like to challenge any and all NON-STAFF MEMBER volunteers.

The first person to complete a shift (two hour minimum) with EIGHT different departments at war (pre-war set up not included) will receive two free pre-registration admissions (non-member value of $150) to Estrella War XXVII! This prize is in addition to the raffle tickets that are issued per shift for the End-of-War Prize Raffle! The second person to complete the challenge will receive twenty-five additional raffle tickets! The third person to complete it will receive fifteen additional raffle tickets!

So now that you have a little motivation for volunteering… We’ll be looking for you at Volunteer Point!

Official Rules of the Volunteer Treasure Challenge

  1. Only non-staff volunteers may compete.
  2. Must be 18 years of age or older to participate.
  3. Both paid members and non-members of the Society for Creative Anachronism are eligible to participate in the Volunteer Treasure Challenge.
  4. An entire two hour shift must be completed per department in order for the hours to qualify. No partial shifts will be accepted as qualification for this challenge.
  5. Winner of the first prize Treasure must redeem the prize for the following year’s war (Estrella War XXVII) only.
  6. All participants of the challenge must register their intent to participate with the Volunteer Coordinator prior to participation.
  7. Second and third prizes will be issued at the End-of-War Prize Raffle ceremony. First prize Treasure will be arranged between the winner and the Volunteer Coordinator. All prize winners will be announced at the End-of-War Prize Raffle ceremony.
  8. All prizes are transferable.

#5 This is just to let everyone know we only have ONE entry for Estrella War Arts and Sciences Competition for 2010. So if you were waiting for the right time to enter, now is the time! Please do not wait until the last minute.


  • Casting: Badges - includes metal "badges" (i.e., cast metal themed ornamental pieces designed to be either pinned or sewn to hats, clothing, etc.) cast in styles modeled after those created prior to 1600 AD.

  • Vocal Music Performance - includes any vocal music from prior to 1600 AD performed by more than one vocalist (i.e., a "group" performance) . Performances will be limited to ten (10) minutes performing time from the beginning of the performance. Copies of the music (score) must be provided as part of the entrants' documentation.

  • Maiolica - includes any maiolica piece modeled after those produced in Europe prior to 1600 AD. A single piece, or an integral set of pieces (e.g., a group of glazed tiles forming a single picture) will be accepted as a single entry. Judging will focus more heavily on the glazing and decorative aspects of the work than on the manufacture of the base pottery. Use of any hazardous and/or toxic materials must be detailed within the documentation, and use of such materials in a manner that may expose judges and audience to potential harm is forbidden.

The rules used to judge the above categories in the Estrella War XXVI Arts & Sciences Competition may be found in the Treaty negotiated at

Thank you!

Estrella War XXVI Media Office
Dame Katharine of Cate Hall