SCA folk march in 2009 Fayetteville Rotary Christmas Parade

At 11:00 a.m., 12 December 2009, Members of the Canton of Attillium and the Barony of Windmaster's Hill participated in the 2009 Christmas Rotary Parade. This year two horses complete with armored riders, barding, lance and shield were introduced.

Although the weather was a bit on the frosty side with light winds and overcast, the payoff for the members of the Canton of Attilium and her guests from Windmasters (Marion le Red / Tankred Bras-de-Fer) was the smiles from the crowd that lined both sides of the street.

Sir Andraas' calming presence and ability to motivate all was simply astounding! Members of the Atlantian Cavalry: M'lord Fillipo Clemente Esposti, and Rauol took on duties that may or may not have been as glamourous to perform, but their presence and participation made it a wonderful experience. Sapphira, Moirra, Emeludt Hansler, M'lord Conrad from Windmaster's Hill all made the day a wonderful experience.

Members of the Canton of Attillium in the Barony of Windmaster's Hill wish all a special holiday season! May you receive that magic of the season come into each of your lives!

YIS I remain....
Lord Alain de la Rochelle.....