[ART] Bronzehelm 12th Night

January 9, 2010, Bronzehelm will be hosting it's Birthday Party.

Yes, it is that time of year again, when we pull out all the stops and celebrate another year of Bronzehelm!

Come to our usual site, 1st Congregational Church, downtown Billlings, Montana, for a day of fun, fighting and feasting.

Our new Crown Prince and Princess have requested that the theme be a Color Court of red and white for the day. Your finest garb on display will gladden the eyes and hearts of all attending.

There will be merchants, a day of tourneys for Shire champions in both heavy weapons and rapier, best death competition during the fighting as judged by the ladies present, heraldic consultations available, lots of childrens activities and a hearty feast in the evening.

Site opens at 10 am and closes at 10 pm.

Site fee is $5, with feast set at $8.

Crash space is available, please contact the event steward for details.

Feast Reservations requested by December 21st. Pre-payment is always good - checks made payable to Shire of Bronzehelm, SCA, Inc..

Event Steward: Rachele Cornelii hipshot1960 at yahoo dot com.

Feast Steward: Karina Sorano