[DRA] Medieval foodstuffs shopping

On Saturday, January 23, 2010, Meisterinne Stella Seraphine, sometime of Leuchtenberg, shall be teaching a hands-on class on shopping for medieval foodstuffs in the modern world.

We shall be shopping at the Frankfurter Kleinmarkthalle, where we shall learn to identify medieval ingredients such as exotic spices (for example, if you know what true cinnamon actually looks and smells like?), wines, vinegars (do you know what verjus is?), and fresh produce. Participants will also have the chance to discuss medieval cooking sources and share information. We shall furthermore have the chance to personally boost the economy by making our own purchases there.

For those who wish, in the evening there will be communal dinner and a dance practice. Crash space is available near Frankfurt for those who need it.

Key information:

What: MEdieval foodstuffs shopping
Where: Frankfurter Kleinmarkt, Frankurt am Main
Meeting point: Kapuzinerkloster Liebfrauen, Liebfrauenstraße Ecke Töngesgasse, Frankfurt am Main
Coordinator: Judith de Northumbria
Contact information: judithsca at aol com