Wassail in Wales

Morris dancers and revelers gather in Wales for celebration of the New Year. Video clips of the revelry have been posted on YouTube by SteveWurzel.

The four video clips show several sets by morris dancers in Chepstow, and later when "the Welsh Mari Lwyd (Grey Mare group) meet the English Wassailers on the bridge where they head to Chepstow to make merry with scrumpy and ale!"

According to the description, "the Mari Lwyd (Grey Mare) is an ancient Welsh custom which probably originated in South Wales similar to first footing at New Year. Traditionally a horses skull or representation of same is carried from house to house by the Mari Lwyd group. At the house a kind of singing competition between the group and the people of the house begins after the group has knocked on the door and requested entry for food and drink. Eventually, the Mari group are given entry and sustenance, there is more singing and capers and then after blessing the household, off to the next house."