New Heirs of Drachenwald Chosen

Drachenwald List: The new heirs of Drachenwald were chosen at a Crown Tourney held October 19, 2002 in Uppsala, Sweden. In a post on the Drachenwald list, Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon, Royal Herald to Their Majesties Giles and EzaBella, issued the following report:
"Greetings to all to whom these words do come on behalf of Their Royal Majesties, Giles and EzaBella, on this 21st day of October from the royal herald!

This weekend past Their Royal Majesties, Giles and EzaBella, did hold Their Crown Tourney in the Shire of Aros on the nineteenth day of October, being the thirty-seventh year of the Society and the two thousand second year of our Lord.

There were 8 fighters who did vie for the throne on Saturday in very crisp yet clear weather. In Drachenwald tradition, the tournament began with a round robin, where each fighter faced every opponent one time.

At the end of the first round robin, 5 fighters had equal records, those being Duke Matthew, Lord Elazar, Baron Marcus, Viscount Padraig, and Lord Vitus. These 5 noble fighters entered the quarterfinal round, to conduct another round robin.

At the end of the quarterfinals, Duke Matthew had the best record, moving him directly to the finals. The other position in the finals was yet to be determined for three others had identical records. Again, a round robin was fought, and Padraig bested Vitus and Marcus for the chance to meet Matthew in the finals.

The finals was best 2 out of 3. Padraig won the first fight, Matthew the second and then, the third, arising with the Coronet in his hand. Thus, vivats to Drachenwald's new Crown Prince and Crown Princess, Matthew and Alienor!!!

Their Royal Majesties, Giles and EzaBella, did hold several courts later that day. Herein lies the recognition given on that day. (Some of the awards are deliberately not listed pending their presentation at a Nordmark court when the recipients are present).

Awards proclaimed or presented:

Award of Arms - Maximillian Kern Award of Arms - Connor MacLean

Silver Guard - Sigismund Jager von Kreuzburg Silver Guard - Vallius Silvercrown

Knighthood - Viscount Cormac Lawless O'Toole

Thus was a synopsis of the day. All awards and their recipients are complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. If a correction is needed, please let me know at

In service to Crown and Kingdom,


Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon
Royal Herald"

Reprinted by permission of the author.