[CAL] Queen's Prize Tourney

Please come and enjoy with us on this day that honors our benevolent Queen and Her artisans as we display what amazing talent our populace has to offer to our kingdom.

January 23, 2010 AS XLIV
Memorial Union-University of Missouri
518 Hitt St.
Columbia, MO 65211

Site Fee: FREE

Site Opens 8:00 am Saturday, January 23rd
Site Closes 9:00 pm Saturday, January 23rd


• Via I-70, take your best route to Columbia, Mo.
• Take exit 127 MO-763/Rangeline St.
• Turn Right onto Rangeline (0.3 mi).
• Turn Left onto Business Loop 70 (0.2 mi).
• Turn Right onto N. College Ave. (1.2 mi)
• Turn Right onto University Ave. (0.2 mi).
» Turn Left onto Hitt St to unload or
» Turn Right to park in the Parking Garage.
• There will be lots of signs to help you find us!

Things to Note

  • Entrants must be sponsored by either a Calon Lily, Silver Hammer or a Laurel (or the equivalent thereof)
  • Each entrant is entitled to one entry. Multiple entries will not be accepted.
  • Entries that have been entered before in any Queen's Prize, Tri-Levels or A&S Championship (or the equivalent outside of Calontir) are not eligible for entry.
  • This is a non-competitive jurored competition that is conducted in a face-to-face manner using novice judging criteria.
  • Sponsors may sponsor a maximum of five entries and are encouraged to work with their entrants on the development of their entry and the judging process of the tournament.
  • Each entrant will receive a prize from one of the sponsors.
  • Her Majesty will award Queen's Prizes for the entry that inspired Her as well as a Children's Prize.
  • Current judging criteria for all categories can be located online.

    Entry Deadline
    Deadline for entering into Queen's Prize is January 3, 2010. This is the weekend of Twelfth Night. The deadline for entering Research Papers is December 28, 2009.

    For your convenience we have three ways you can submit your entry: on-line submission, mailing your submission to my address listed below and turning it in by hand.

    Event Steward
    Master Scheduler Cts Caillin MacKenzie