Carpark to Cover Roman Mosaics

Some of the most impressive mosaics ever unearthed in Rome will soon be covered up by a parking lot. Workers in the Trastevere district of Rome were delighted to discover some of the most impressive mosaics ever uncovered in Rome, including a large black and white floor depicting "frolicking, mythical sea creatures." In the 4th century, the district was part of an imperial river port which featured warehouses, workshops and offices from which goods arrived from and were sent to Ostia. Now archaeologists studying the discovery were dismayed to learn that the site is very likely to soon be covered over for use as a parking lot.

"It was an opportunity to understand the past and they've not put in enough money to do so. The modern city has to have car parks. But the least you can do is invest responsibly in finding out what was there," said Fiorenzo Catalli, the archaeologist in charge of the dig.

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