SCA trailer stolen in Ansteorra

Ysabeau of Prague of the Barony of Bryn Gwlad in the Kingdom of Ansteorra reports that a trailer containing SCA property belonging to the Kingdom and Barony was stolen December 1, 2009.

Ysabeau of Prague writes:

Greetings all!

Please forgive the SPAM but I wanted to make sure this gets to as many people as possible.

A personal trailer that contained items belonging to the Kingdom of Ansteorra (Texas and Oklahoma) and the Barony of Namron (Oklahoma City, OK) was stolen out of a driveway last night. Please keep your eyes open for the following items on eBay, Craig's List, or anywhere else they might turn up:

The trailer is a white 5x8 box trailer with a red SCA sticker on the upper left corner of the door.

*Kingdom* (primary heraldry is a black star on a gold background)

  • Kingdom Pavilion
  • Her Throne
  • Kneeling Pillow
  • Black box of largess
  • Banner (Not main banner box)

*Namron* (primary heraldry is a tornado)

  • Baronial Pavilion
  • Hat box with 3 coronets
  • Feast gear box with feast gear
  • Banners


  • Trailer
  • Award Regalia
  • Heavy Armor
  • Rapier Armor
  • 2 Rapiers, Dagger, Buckler
  • Combat Crossbow and bolts
  • Bed w/ mattress
  • Bedding
  • Camping gear
  • Heater

If you find any items, please contact:
Baron Donnchadh
MKA Shawn Cornelius
3101 SW 124th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73170

In Service,

Ysabeau of Prague
Barony of Bryn Gwlad

Links to pictures of some of the missing items below.