[MER] Turf Wars

Long, long, ago in a barony far, far, away One Square Foot of Land from what is now within Gleann Abhann's borders was ceded to the Queen of Trimaris by King Ailgheanan I. The Barony of the Osprey is now in possession of this land. Come help the brave Osprey loyalists turn back the hordes of the Magenta Marauder from Seleone as the pirates attempt to steal it back.

Loyalists of Meridies trapped within Gleann Abhann's borders have informed us of a large scale invasion of Osprey on January 30th. We ask that all Meridians marshal their feudal levies and join us on the field of battle to help end this menace. Come join us for the Investiture of Sir Alexander Brighthelmston as the new Baron of Osprey. Throughout the day there will be Heavy Fighting, Light, and Live Weapons. We will have an Artisans Village and an A&S competition sponsored by the Meridian Apprentices. Travelers' Fare, Breakfast, a Fundraiser Lunch, and finally a fighters' feast will be served for everyone to replenish themselves before Revel.

Turf War: The Baronial Menace
Hosted by the Barony of the Osprey
January 29-31, 2010

Historic Magee Farm
6222 Highway 45
Kushla, AL 36613

Autocrat: Countess Rhiannon of the Isle
Feastcrat: Lord Rufus the Fox

This is a camping only event. There is no cabin space on site. Hot Showers will be provided.