[ART] Seax on the Brain

The Shire of Cote du Ciel is holding a Five Weapons Tournament at our Shire Birthday celebration on December 5th, 2009. This tournament will be open to everyone who wants to fight, but there is a special prize that will be awarded to the winning fighter with three years or less experience in armored combat.

Because we love all things Viking here in Cote du Ciel, we have commissioned Sir Brian O'Barnum to make a one-of-a-kind seax knife. For those of you who have seen Sir Brian's work, you know that his blades are works of art. Sir Brian was recently elevated to Master of the Laurel for his work with armor and blades. His work is among the best I have ever seen. The lucky person who wins this knife will have a piece of art they can truly cherish for the rest of their lives.

But wait!...there's more; every fighter of three years and less experience who enters this tournament will be given a purple heart wood spear shaft that is intended to be given to the teacher of their choice. The teacher can be anyone whom the novice feels has helped to train them in armored combat. The teacher of the winning novice fighter will receive a spear tip to go with the spear shaft.

Of course, you're going to have to work for all this cool stuff. The five weapons are:

  • Sword and Shield
  • Single Sword (counted blows)
  • Florentine
  • Hand and a Half Sword
  • Nine foot spear over barricade

If you have them, bring your own gauntlets and weapons, otherwise we will be happy to share.

This event will be held in Logan, Utah.