[WES] Winter Solstice Celebration

The darkest part of the Winter is upon us! Come help us celebrate the Winter Solstice and the return of sunlight and longer days. Come join us as we share in the warmth of friendship, the joy of laughter and the delight of good food. Games, songs, and dancing will be encouraged! There will be an autocrat's whim contest for the best table decorations, an A&S contest for black and white in any mode, and a Heart's whim contest for the person who is best able to stay in persona. Dust off your creativity and imagination and give these contests a try!

Dinner will be potluck style with one meat dish to be provided by the Barony. Please bring a dish that will feed 8-10 people. I challenge all of you to think "peri-oid" at least. There are some great recipes out there, and I would love to see some "Traditional" holiday favorites! Dinner is scheduled around 6, with court to be held during the feasting :) Please be aware that this is a DISCREETLY wet site.

There will be a "Rummage" sale held during the event. This is a great time to go through your SCA gear and clothing and give stuff a new lease on life. If stuff no longer fits either your body or persona, toss it in so that someone else can give it a go. Proceeds will be going towards bring a fighting teacher and an A&S teacher up to come and play here in Winter's Gate.

Last, but definitely not least....the gift exchange! We want to try something a bit new this year. Instead of rushing to the store and spending those much needed dollars on who knows what, why not take a look around yourself and your home? We all have many wonderful things that are gathering dust because they no longer fit who and what we are. No longer interested in Russian things, and you have a beautiful tea set that someone would love? Gift it! Have a book on armor or even needlework that you are never going to get around to making, but you know someone would give their eye-teeth for it? Gift it! This isn't a white elephant to dump junk into, this is a chance to recycle some of the myriad of gorgeous things we all have. If it something that you would be happy taking back home again, then you have the right gift :) If the re-gifting idea isn't for you, and you would rather make something, then do! This style of gift exchange is far more like the seasonal gifting that would have happened in our past. Let's give it a try!

Site opens at Noon and will close at 10pm.

Event fee: $5 for members ($8 for non-members); ages 12 and under are free. Checks should be made to "SCA Inc - Winter's Gate".

Autocrat: Griffin and Margery Garret motherchaos@gci.net

Site Information: The Agricultural Museum at the Tanana Valley Fairgrounds, 1800 College Rd.

Directions: Take your best way to College Road. Travel about 2 miles. From the Wal-Mart end of town, the Fairgrounds will be on your right. From the UAF end, the Fairgrounds will be on your left. Once in the parking lot, go to the gate at the far end, just past the big blue building. Inside the gate, follow the road to the first building on your right. It's blue with a garden in front.