[DRA] Yule Revel

Come one, come all! Vielburgen's Yule Revel will take place on 12 December at the Obermohrer Burgerhaus. Join us for a semi-potluck feast, drinking, mirth and revelry.

The day's activities will begin with fighter practice at Garick and Yasamin's house (three doors up from the site) at noon. The revel site opens at 4:00 (1600), with feasting to commence about 6:00. Revel activities are not yet fully determined, but will definitely include some form of entertaining fundraiser to cover the cost of the Shire's tithe at Coronation, silly revel games, drinking, and singing. Other likely activities: period dance, perhaps some performance pieces (the site has a stage...), and ??? (suggestions welcome). This is an actual event (though not official as we're organizing it too late to get on the Kingdom calendar) rather than one of our informal social gatherings, so please come in garb and bring your medieval feastware and hall decorations if you have such.

Crash space will be available at Garick and Yasamin's house for those who wish to imbibe too much to drive home. Preference for the actual guest rooms will be for those traveling from outside the shire, but there's plenty of floor space in semi-private rooms for locals too (bring an air mattress for extra comfort).

The shire will provide a main dish. Please bring a side dish to share, and 5 Euro for adults (2 Euro for children) to help cover the cost of the site rental and the main dish.

Please drop us a note if you are planning to join us. This is not a commitment, we just want a planning factor for how much to cook. If you are coming from outside Vielburgen and would like crash space, please also contact us, but that will be a commitment if you want an actual room. Last minute communal crashing requires no reservation, so if you have the chance to join us, please don't let an inability to pre-plan stop you.

When: Saturday 12 December
Fighter practice: Noon-3pm, Schulstrasse 6, 66879 Obermohr
Revel/Feast Site: Obermohrer Burgerhaus, Kirchenstrasse 4, 66879
Revel Site Opens: 1600
Feast: 1800 (ish)
Site closes: ????? We'll probably move the die-hards up to Garick and Yasamin's house for additional revelry around midnight
Site Fee: Adults 5 Euro, Children 2 Euro, plus a side dish of your choosing (extra points for period dishes)

Contact: Garick von Kopke john.chamberlin@ramstein.af.mil