[DRA] Dragon in Winter

The Shire Drei Eichen invites all the nobles of the Kingdom to a market followed by a tourney. This will be held in the forest of the Sayntal, in the ancient forests at the most west border of our Lands.

In remembering of the old legends saying there was a Dragon around in this forest, the event-name was chosen. Be insured, nowadays this is a save place. And to guarantee this, we will send out our best Warrior to clear up the area a few days before.

We are very proud to announce a feast made by Master Giano Balestriere. The Market

There are lots of talented handicraftsmen and artisans out there in the Society. We want to give them a forum to sell their stuff. Everyone is introduced to participate, as Seller as well as Buyer. Remember: Christmas is near.

Saturday forenoon the market will take place in the House, benches and tables are there

The tourney
The tourney Saturday from noon till sunset will consist of six disciplines, divided in 3 blocks. Between these blocks team-plays will take place.

The Site
Site opens Friday 4th December at 15:00. Expect this being an outside-event, so prepare yourself with adequate clothes. There is two halls available for crash space for up to 50 Persons (bring your own mattress and sleeping bags) and green field for tends. No beds are available. Chrash space needs to be reserved at the Event steward, first come first serve. Site closes 6th December at 12:00 (Pickup Fights and showers possible after clean-up of the site).

Im Sayntal
56170 Bendorf

Pick up from Köln-Airport is possible, let event steward know.

Site fee is 29,00€ / Person, Children are free of charge. DayTrip-Fee is 15,00€.