Estrella War News You Can Use - November 21, 2009

Dame Katharine of Cate Hall of the Estrella War XXVI Media Office offers the latest announcements pertaining to the upcoming War.

  1. To help clarify what they do, the Period Demo Center and the Period Encampment each has its own webpage at To learn what each one is and does, check them out online. (Linked below)

  2. The Site coordinator is seeking volunteers for the following jobs. Volunteer online or email
    • Drive Water Truck (CDL Req'd on county rd) M-Sun (no CDL needed to drive on private property) Truck to pull one of the site trailers for Trash pickup once a day. Trash pickup crew - volunteers willing to help others take their trash to the dumpsters.

    • Volunteer for Site Teardown. You get to Pull Rebar (separate trash, caps, rebar), Pick up trash, Take bulk trash to dumpsters. You also get to earn the undying gratitude of the site coordinators!

  3. Do you host the "Annual Haggis Appreciation Society Cook Off" or the" Marching Kazoo Band Processional" or some other tournament, activity or get together at Estrella War? To reserve a location and make sure it gets on the calendar by scheduling your Special Event. Deadline for including the event for the Gatebook is December 5, 2009. Fill out the Special Event Form available at or email Bannthegn Lisabetta at

  4. Check out the new procedures for the provision of Field Support Services at war. Information is available online. To become a Field Support Volunteer send an e-mail to

  5. Share your interests and expertise by teaching at the Estrella War Arts & Sciences Collegium. Email the Coordinator at or sign up online.

  6. Check out all the exciting war scenarios listed in the Estrella War Treaty. Prepare for Zombie warfare on Friday when the unbelted fighter Zombie masses attack the belted fighters and combat archers defending Kragon's Keep. Zombies resurrect endlessly until a combat archer/defender takes them out permanently with a shot to the head. Beware, belted fighters become zombie when they are killed and turn on their former friends, because that is what Zombies do! Check out the war scenarios online.

Don't forget to pre-register for Estrella War. It saves you $20.00 per adult!

Thank you!
Estrella War XXVI Media Office
Dame Katharine of Cate Hall