[MER] December War Practice II

This is a one-day war practice to be held at Deer Lick Park in Douglasville. We invite any and all heavy fighters and combat archers to come out for a pre-holiday heavy-combat war exercise. Gulf Wars is just around the corner!

Deer Lick Park
2105 Mack Road, Douglasville GA, 30135
10 a.m. EST - until

Last year, the inaugural edition of DWP was held in Auburn, Alabama, and some 45+ fighters and just as many support people showed up from throughout the Kingdom to partake in or watch this melee practice session. Several took yet another step toward The Dream by becoming authorized, others came for the instruction and opportunity to put said lessons into practice. For most of the afternoon, sides charged, clashed and commentary was made on how to improve. Again and again, fighters trained using age-old attack plans - cut and dry war unit tactics - no complicated scenarions, no prize for the winning side, just sheer "do it and do it again."

This practice session, along with others, was evidenced in the performance of the Meridian Army at Gulf Wars XVIII. Rally your households and local groups, pack up the spears, war doors, and bows, it's time to practice melee and unit tactics again.

Armored fighting agenda will cover:

  • Open field maneuvers
  • Bridge battle tactics
  • Shield walls - forming and holding them
  • Charging/breaking a line
  • Combat archery will be allowed in some battles

As long as a member of the Chivalry is present, heavy authorizations will be available. Combat archery authorizations will also be available.

** Deadline for authorizations will be at 12 NOON ** Please make plans to arrive earlier if you need to be authorized!

General Info:
This is an unofficial, free SCA activity and open to anyone who wishes to attend.

We will be in the presence of regular park attendees, so although suggested, garb is optional. Please feel free to bring pavilions, banners, and chairs.

This is a county park and there will be public bathroom facilities. Dogs are allowed as long as on a leash and cleaned up after.

Waterbearing services will be on site. Those interested in helping with waterbearing, please contact Lord David of Duckworth

There will be a hospitality/refreshments tent organized by Lady Orianna Winterborn, please contact her if you wish to bring something to share.

Please bring the kids! There is a nice playground available for use, a walking track and ducks/geese to feed.

Have questions? Contact THL Kynwric at lordkynwric@gmail.com