[MER] Regional Dance Workshop

On Saturday, December 12, we will be hosting a regional dance workshop at GraceWorks Church in Chattanooga, TN. Join several of the best dance teachers in the kingdom as they present classes for beginners and advanced dancers alike.

There is absolutely no cost for this dance workshop and a complimentary lunch will be provided by THL Faelan Haraldsson, courtesy of the shire. Site opens at 9:00am and the first class kicks off at 10:00am. Classes will run throughout the day with a dinner break (with numerous food options immediately around the church) around 4:30 and we will return for a ball to demonstrate everything you learned!

If you would be interested in teaching a dance session or have any questions concerning the workshop, please contact me and I will forward you to our workshop coordinator, Amaranta Baldassare (who is playing tag with her ISP at the moment and not winning).

You can get full directions and a map online (the church is our regular meeting location).