[MER] Magna Faire

Join us in the city of Florence, where things are rarely as they seem. From political intrigue, to the lavish masquerades, life here always requires a second look.

Indulge yourself in a grand feast, as you mingle with the greatest artisans and scientific minds of our fair kingdom. Bring your own works to be displayed, and enter our special catergory, “Things are not as they seem” where your cleverly disguised and hidden items can shine in the light of day. The new kingdom A&S rules for regional faires will be used.

For those whose art is of the martial sort, fear not, for the annual Sword and Mistletoe tounament, Rapier tournament and live weapons will be open for you to prove your prowess on the field as well.

Woodmen of the World Camp-Royal, Alabama
414 WOW Camp Road
Blountsville, AL 35031

Her most Splendid Royal Majesty will be choosing her Poet Laureate and Dance Champion during the performing arts portion of the faire.

So come with your best and be ready to shine for the glory of the Crown and Kingdom!