Rowany Festival to Take Place in Lochac

Sir Gregory of Loch Swan has announced that this year's Rowany Festival will take place April 8-13, 2004 in the Kingdom of Lochac. G'Day Everyone.

This is just a short note to all my friends in the SCA Known World to let you all know when Rowany Festival is on and to request that you send this to your local and Kingdom Newsletters so that all might know the dates.

Lochac's premier event is to be held at Crossroads Medieval Village from Thursday 8th April to Tuesday 13th April 2004.

For your convenience, the deadline to gain the cheapest price for Festival has been moved back to December 15th. Book Early to Gain Cheap Admittance! The Equipment Booking Form will be available online and in Pegasus very soon. Payment can be made via credit card after completing the form. Payment must in Australian $s so remember that when sending a money order from the USA.

If you are a new camping group then please get in contact with the Steward: as soon as possible to arrange a site.

This year's Rowany Festival has the potential to be the best ever! This will only occur if the populace of this great Kingdom make every effort to make it so! Please contact the Steward if you have any ideas or plans, offers of assistance.

The great advantage of using the Crossroads Medieval Village Site is the potential for improvement that it contains. Already since Festival 2003: The Guildhall has a roof (and will soon have walls); a Grand Staircase has been built linking the Guildhall with the List Field Space; more grass has grown and many, many, more trees have been planted.

You can check out the Festival 2004 Website by clicking on the header above.

Stay tuned for announcements and the latest news and information.

The booking forms are on the website

The Festival Steward is: Hrothgar aet Gytingbroce

Thanks and take care,

Gregory of Loch Swan KSCA, OP, KB, EQG and stuff....