[DRA] Petrarca Hike - POSTPONED

Petrarca hikes are back! After we already had summer hikes and winter hikes, we're marching over green meadows and dangerous ice, we will now go even further.

We will walk during the night of 12th to 13th December in the area of Bad Staffelstein. Start around 22.00, end next morning.

As always as period as possible.

Should you like to come along & with us, we can provide room at home for your clothes etc. We will have fire & light with us. We will have emergency equipment (including a nurse ;)) with us. (We may be crazy, but not insane.)

And we would love not to walk alone but in good company, so please, if you are interested, get in contact with me. Thank you!

Best regards,
Anna, Agilmar & Gottfried syveken@YAHOO.DE