[MID] Winter Revel

The Barony of Brendoken invites you to attend the Winter Revel on Dec 6, 2009 from 4:30 - 6:30 PM at the Mishler Weaving Mill in Smithville, Ohio. (Please note the start time change!)

1) There is a cookie exchange!
If you want to participate, send me (Catriona) your name, the name of the cookie, and the recipe for the cookie by November 30th so it can be included in a recipe booklet. Each baker makes 1/2 dozen cookies for each participant in the exchange, plus a few extra to be eaten by the revelers ;-) The number of participants will be announced on December 1. Please put the cookies in containers of some sort of bag, box, tin, or the like. Participants, bring something in which to carry the cookies home.

2) Since the timing is over the dinner hour, bring a dish for a pot luck dinner. The barony will supply the plates and eating utensils, along with soft drinks. We are checking to find out if the site is discreetly damp. For now, consider the site DRY.

3) In keeping with Dec 6 St Nicholas Day traditions, there will be a No-Name Gift Exchange. Every person that brings in a SCA appropriate gift will be able to select a gift from the pile. (It would be nice if they were hand or home made.) There is no promise that you will be able to keep it however ;-) Carpe Giftum!! We will play a version of the White Elephant Swap.

Yours in Service,