European museum photos online

Lady Racaire of the Kingdom of Drachenwald once again offers several albums of research photos taken at European museums.

Racaire writes:

I apologize for the bandwith but again I managed to visit 4 interesting museums and to take many photos and would like to share my photos with you (I pointed some of the items out but I took many more pictures also of other stuff than pointed out):
  • Schottenstift in Vienna, Austria
    • I would like to point out the Schottenmeister-Altar on display,
    • a small girdle book
    • lovely documents and books (calligraphy & illumination)

  • Schloss Gottorf, Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesmuseen
    all pictures:
    • some seals, wallhangings, wiking stuff, chests, paintings, lovely book covers, seals, ... and
    • lovely embroidery on display

  • Textilmuseum Neumünster

  • MKG - Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (museum for art and business
    medieval items:
    • middle and far east items (bowls, illumination, carpets,...):
    • (wax) notebook with leather case - "10 wood plates with wax layer, at the rest of the wax layer scratched writing in German and Latin, leathercase with punch/stamp (?) decoration":
    • music instruments
    • glass (painted and not painted)
    • ceramic & porcelain
If you know someone who could be interested into my photos, please feel free to forward this eMail.

Best regards from Vienna, Austria
(lady) Racaire