Finalization of Gulf Wars master schedule near

Her Grace Duchess Mary-Grace of Gatland, Gulf Wars 19 Master Schedule Coordinator & Deputy Autocrat, has announced that the master schedule for Gulf Wars 19 is close to being finalized.

Her Grace writes:

I am finalizing the master schedule for Gulf Wars 19 and I would like to ask that you please put the word out that the time has come to book any events that need to be on the schedule.

As a reminder.... just becuase something was on the schedule last year, does not mean that I am assuming that it is on the schedule for this year unless it is confirm it with me. Also, if you need to book Bede Hall for anything (outside of A & S which has already been taken care of) you need to contact me. So, socials, parties, courts, etc. all need to get confirmed with me in terms of time/place and if there is a theme people should be aware of.

For Tournaments and any event needing space on the Battlefield, please contact THL Wilhelm ( and if you could just CC me on those requests, that would help speed-up the process.

Also, please remember that if you want a pavilion set-up on the battlefield you need to confirm that with Land in advance.

Thanks so much for your assistance!


Duchess Mary-Grace of Gatland
GW 19 Master Schedule Coordinator & Deputy Autocrat