Sir Michael de Brad Victorious in Drachenwald's Viceroy Tourney

Sir Michael de Brad was victorious at the recent Insulae Draconis Viceroy Tournament. Sir Michael de Brad was declared victor of the Insulae Draconis Viceroy Tournament held November 28-30, 2003 in Pont Alarch, England. Michael, who won all of his bouts, was inspired by Dutchess Alessandre Melusine. He defeated Lord Valius Silvercrown in the final bout. There were thirteen fighters in the tourney, including Lord Vallius, who won nine bouts, and Lord Torrkil Mor and Master Sigmundr who tied with eight wins.

At evening court, Their Royal Majesties of Drachenwald, Marcus and Anna, invested Sir Michael and Duchess Alessandre with their new offices and received their oaths of fealty.