[WES] Southern Shores Juvenalia

Come one, come ALL to Southern Shores' JUVENALIA Celebration on December 5th!!!! (formerly called Jingles)...

The Province of Southern Shores is gearing up for our BIG day to celebrate the kid in all of us and we're pulling out all the stops!! NO hard work for anyone!! Just tons of games (NO classes), a hosted potluck dinner (with dessert served first, kid-fashion), the traditional Silent Auction, our Silver-Tongued Devil competition with kid-friendly themes, a performance by the West Kingdom Choir and to round out the evening, Dancing with music provided by live musicians if there's enough of a quorum!!

Fun starts at 1pm and breaks up at 8pm...(if you're there after that, you ARE part of the clean-up crew!). Food should start being served around 5pm-ish...desserts at 4pm.

Site is: First Christian Church of San Jose at 80 S. Fifth Street, San Jose, CA 95112. Cross-street is San Fernando, one city-block south of Santa Clara St...

Site fees are: $8.00 for Adult Members of the SCA ($11.00 for Non-Members), $4.00 for children 6-12. There is no fee for children under 6 (or for choir folks that can only come to sing). Parking is very limited in the church lot. There is a parking garage one block away at 4th & San Fernando that is free until 6pm, and $3 after 6pm.

Tickets will be available from Vashti, House of Archer (Autocrat) by pre-registration online at egilligan@comcast.net

POTLUCK details are:

  1. SoShores will be providing the MAIN course of a Period Pork n'Rice dish, 2-3 Turkeys stuffed w/Cornish Game Hens, and 4 Vegetarian Quiches (amounts may vary with pre-event ticket sales).
  2. Side dishes are by SIGN-UP and that list can be accessed at the above website and signed up for by emailing feast@southern-shores.net . The list is being monitored by Catherine Holcombe of Arden and there are 5 categories of possibilities: Bread/Pasta, Cheese/Appetizers, Vegetables/Fruit, Desserts & Drinks. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign up and strut your cooking talents!
  3. Food items do NOT have to be "period" (but it would be appreciated), they DO need to be enough for 6-8 servings and ALL contributions MUST include an ingredient list so we can avoid any food allergies and/or undesirable surprises to vegetarians and the like.
  4. PLEASE NOTE, this is a DRY site so that's why there's a separate Drink section to liven up the choices!! Help?