Da Vinci’s Workshop In Manhattan

Leonardo da Vinci’s Workshop, an exhibit at Discovery Times Square Exposition in New York City, brings the wonders of da Vinci's genius to life in the form of mechanical objects and interactive displays from the minds of Milan’s Leonardo3, “an innovative research center and media company” devoted to the scientist.

The exhibit features such wonders as "a mechanical lion, whose design has been teased out of allusive skeletal drawings in a notebook, to an enormous display on which you leaf through one of the extraordinary codices, page by page, touching the gnomic text to allow translations and animated machinery to spring from the ink marks. Spend enough time here, and the sensations dazzle: a camel is buoyed by floats to cross a river; a marching musician plays a portable keyboard by knocking a lever with his legs; an ideal city is sketched in tantalizing fragments, including stables in which feed and water for the horses are carefully fed down pipes and waste is washed away through channels in the floor. There is scarcely an aspect of life to which Leonardo didn’t apply a fierce intellectual energy."