Letter from the Compleat Anachronist Editor-Elect

Minowara Kiritsubo, new editor of the Compleat Anachronist, the research publication of the Society for Creative Anachronism, is seeking contributions for the magazine.

Minowara Kiritsubo writes:


My name is Elaine Koogler, known in the Society as Minowara Kiritsubo. I have, as of the first of this year, taken over as Editor of the Compleat Anachronist. The CA is a pamphlet series, actually more of a booklet, that covers topics of interest to those who do historical research and recreation both in and out of the SCA. Each issue covers one subject, allowing for a more in-depth exploration. Subject matter in the past has ranged from a fictionalized account of life in an abbey to tavern songs to weaponry and armor.

The Compleat Anachronist is your publication. We depend upon you to provide us with manuscripts to publish, and, to that end, I am asking for your assistance. If you have a project or interest that you would like to see a CA about or, even better, would like to write about, please contact me. If you can provide me with an outline or a complete description of what you´d like to write about, that would be even better.

Thanks so much for your assistance!

Elaine Koogler
Known in the SCA as Minowara Kiritsubo no Ason, OL, OP